8th International Symposium on the Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, and Toxicology of Vanadium


Thank you from the Organizers

The Chairs and Organizing Committee thank all those who participated in the 8th International Vanadium Symposium: Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, & Toxicology (V8) that was held August 15-18, 2012 in Crystal City, VA, USA (just outside Washington, DC). This meeting was the eighth iteration of the vanadium symposium and follows on the most-recent success of the V7 meeting in Toyama, Japan in 2010. We look forward to a successful V9 in Padova, Italy in 2014!
The V8 meeting was a successful gathering of scientists from around the world dedicated to investigating the remarkable properties of vanadium. The V8 Symposium occurred over four days, with technical sessions on three of those days. The technical sessions spanned the topics of coordination chemistry, speciation, biological chemistry, toxicology, enzymology, catalysis, therapeutic applications, batteries, novel V-containing materials, and environmental/occupational exposure to V agents. The meeting, with registrants from 23 countries on five continents, comprised four plenary talks, two special lectures, 36 oral presentations, and 27 poster presentations. Individuals from academia, government, and industry were all present to share their promising research results, discuss regulatory implications, and to propose further collaborations and improvements that these types of focused scientific gatherings can allow to take place.
Mitch Cohen
Andy Ghio
Craig C. McLauchlan


This meeting has ended and the page is being slowly archived and deconstructed now. The meeting program is still available.

Selected papers appeared in a Theme Issue of Dalton Transactions in 2013, 11774-12042: doi:10.1039/C3DT90120C

The V9 site is now open for the meeting in June/July 2014 in Padua, Italy: V9 Website

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