Department of Chemistry at Illinois State University

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The nearly 1,700 alumni in 46 states are an invaluable networking resource.
The research and thesis-based M.S. degree is ideal for anyone not wanting to commit 5 or 6 years to a Ph.D. but still eager to learn more chemistry and increase their earning potential.
80% of Chemistry majors participate in professional development activities like undergraduate research, student teaching, or internships. Many of these students co-author publications and give presentations at professional conferences.
The faculty of the Department of Chemistry includes some of Illinois State University's most renowned teachers and researchers. Since 2000, Chemistry faculty have received nearly 20 teaching awards and nearly 20 research awards, including the 2009 Illinois Professor of the Year award.
Over $2 Million in active grants supports diverse areas such as forensics, nanotechnology, organic synthesis, education, materials chemistry, and biochemistry.
The Chemistry Department is home to more than 150 undergraduates, 30 graduate students, and 22 faculty members.
Science teachers can earn a Master's degree while continuing their day job through the MSCE and MCE programs.
More chemistry teachers in Illinois earned their teaching degree at Illinois State University than any other university. With a staff dedicated to teacher education, a diverse but challenging curriculum, and an on-campus laboratory school, there is no better place to earn your teaching certificate.
Chem Club mixes outreach, community service, and social activities. Enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream, do demos at the Children's Discovery Museum, learn about careers, tie-dye a lab coat, or just get to know your professors and fellow chem majors.
All laboratories for Chemistry majors are taught by faculty members, building close collaborations between the students and the faculty.
All upper-level laboratories are taught in sections of no more than 12 students, allowing hands-on experience with advanced instrumentation.

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Chemistry News

Faculty and Staff Receive Impact Awards

The Impact Award, a program organized through University College, recognizes the positive influence individual members of the Illinois State University community have on new students and student retention. This year’s recipients from the Department of Chemistry include Professor David Cedeno, Professor Rick Nagorski, and academic advisor Ally Cherveny. - See more at:

ISU Graduation Next Step for Nigerian Student

Subomi.2Subomi Aregbesola’s past is pretty remarkable. But it’s his future that may be the real story. The Illinois State University senior was born in Nigeria but moved to the U.S. in 2001 at age 10 after his family won the coveted visa lottery. Aregbesola won his U.S. citizenship just this semester and is now weeks away from graduating, eager to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals research and development. “I want to discover something that’s revolutionary,” said Aregbesola, a biochemistry major with a minor in chemistry and biology. “I truly feel like I’m destined to do something great.” To view the full article, please see:

Dr. Cary Supalo Honored with Access Award

The American Foundation for the Blind recently honored Dr. Cary Supalo, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, and his company, Independent Science, for their work creating software to make science more accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired. The Talking LabQuest interfaces with Sci-Voice Access software, which Independent Science developed.  To view the full story, please access


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Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry!
Craig McLauchlanAt Illinois State, you will have an experience unlike almost any other chemistry department in the country. Our program combines the best of facilities and resources of a large research university with the personal, supportive environment of a small liberal arts college or university. The faculty is made up of individuals that could be successful at large research universities, but have a love of both teaching and research. Three of the past five years a chemistry professor has been named the Outstanding University Teacher. Come to visit us! You will quickly discover why Illinois State Chemistry should be your college home.

Craig C. McLauchlan, Interim Chair


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