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Advising Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Plan of Study?
A Plan of Study is a set of required and elective courses needed to fulfill one or more majors or minors. This plan typically does not include General Education courses or other University requirements.
  • Is there any particular order in which I should take courses?
The sciences including Chemistry/Chemistry Teacher Education/Biochemistry are highly sequential. For instance, calculus is needed for placement into calculus‐based physics, and both year‐long courses are required for Physical Chemistry. The foundation for future courses is prepared in introductory courses. Prerequisites are indicated for each course, and will be enforced at all levels. Prerequisites are used in order to properly pace courses.
  • I want to take a course at another school and transfer the credit into my Chemistry major. What is the procedure?
A great resource to use to see how a transfer course articulates at ISU is Transferology ( If you do not see your institution or course listed, contact Evaluations (309-882-2188) or your advisor.
  • The Chemistry course I want to take is closed. What can I do?
If a student is interested in being enrolled in a Chemistry course that is already closed, a student can be asked to be put on the waitlist by contacting the Department of Chemistry office or by completing an online override request form. The online override request form can be accessed through under your “Academics” tab in the “Course Manager” section. Be prepared to give your name, ULID, UID, major, year, and all sections of the closed course that will fit into your schedule. If a seat becomes available in course, you will receive an e-mail informing you that an override has been granted and to register for the course before a given expiration date. Failure to register by the given deadline may result in loss of the seat.
  • Is undergraduate research required of all chemistry majors?
No, undergraduate research is not required for any of the departmental majors. However, research and coop experiences do offer students opportunities to earn academic credit for the hands‐on training which they receive related to their major.

In order to enroll in either CHE 290 or CHE 299, you will need to complete a class permission request form. CHE 290 forms are available online at or can be obtained in the Department of Chemistry Office.

CHE 299 forms are available through the Honors website

Internships can also provide students with valuable supervised experience that may enhance their academic and career goals, as well as give them an opportunity to explore and/or clarify possible future career interests. In order to be eligible for coop or internship credit, students must be juniors or seniors, have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (both cumulative and in all Chemistry coursework), and have taken a minimum of 45 hours. If you are interested in doing a Chemistry internship, see your advisor/mentor or contact Dr. Shawn Hitchcock (the coordinator of Chemistry internships) at