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We are always excited to hear what our alumni are up to now and to keep them involved in the happenings in and around the Department.

Alumni of the Department of Chemistry are an important component to the continued success of our program. By going forth and "Spreading the Red" and making us proud, our alumni represent the Department well around the city, state, country, and world.

How Can You Help?

Here are some ideas of things you could do for current students.

  • Answer an email from a current student

  • Send in info on how the program helped you

  • Advice for the program on what it can add or change to benefit its students

  • Come to campus to talk about what you do

  • Offer a day, week, or summer when a student could come and observe you at work

  • Offer internships (both for credit and paid) for B.S. and/or M.S. students

  • Take part in mock interviews to help students prep to find jobs

Alumni Success

Since 1980 more than 200 Department of Chemistry alumni have completed or are pursuing their doctorates in chemistry at more than 40 universities throughout the nation. Department alumni have been placed in more than 160 different chemistry-related firms, including chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, and specialty products companies. More than 35 chemistry graduates have gone on to careers in medicine and dentistry. Illinois State continues to be one of the leading producers of high school chemistry teachers in the state with more than 100 chemistry education graduates so employed.

Stay Connected

Illinois State's Alumni Association is where you can join a network, attend events, and network with other Redbirds.

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Alumni Newsletter

Read the past editions of the Chem Letter.