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Advising Objectives and Expectations

Advising Mission Statement

Academic Advising at Illinois State University is an integral part of the educational process. Working in partnership with advisors, students learn about academic policies, procedures, and University resources to develop strategies to pursue their individual educational goals.

Advising Objectives

Through the Department of Chemistry advisement, students will be able to:

  • Access their assigned academic advisor when needed.

  • Acquire and demonstrate awareness of student services on campus.

  • Create short-term and long-term goals.

  • Register for classes on their enrollment date.

  • Assess causes and identify solutions to academic problems

  • Understand and articulate Department and University policies and procedures.

  • Explain how their major curriculum helps achieve their goals.

  • Schedule courses based on their educational plan so that they can graduate in a timely manner.

  • Connect their educational plan to their career goals.

  • Complete all necessary requirements to obtain an Illinois Professional Educators License (if applicable).

Standards for Behavior

Roles and Responsibilities

Illinois State Advisors

  • Provide an encouraging and supportive environment for students to share their goals, concerns, and interests
  • Understand and effectively communicate Illinois State University degree requirements
  • Assist students in making informed course decisions and finding majors
  • Refer students to appropriate resources
  • Maintain confidentiality of student records at outlined in the University Catalog
  • Uphold the values, policies, and procedures of their schools, departments, and Illinois State University

Illinois State Students

  • Schedule regular and timely appointments with their advisors
  • Regularly review their academic progress and assume responsibility for meeting academic requirements
  • Craft coherent educational plans based on assessment of abilities, aspirations, interests, and values
  • Read both print and electronic university communication and respond when required
  • Assume responsibility for all decisions and actions which may impact academic and career options


Professional behavior includes being responsible, prepared, and engaged. Students are expected to present themselves professionally at all time (i.e. dress and language), including while attending advising appointments.

Email Etiquette

When writing an email to your academic advisor, please use your Illinois State University email account. This is considered an official form of communication by the University. Make sure to include your full name and proof-read your email.