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Chemistry Minor

A minor in Chemistry at Illinois State University is a dynamic and multifaceted undergraduate program that combines the curricular fabric specified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) with a tradition of hands-on training in undergraduate research with faculty mentors. This national organization of chemists creates standards for the proper education of baccalaureate candidates, such that employers, graduate and professional schools can be confident of a student's background.

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of the structure and composition of substances and the way they can be changed and transformed. There are almost 100,000 chemists in America and still the need for such individuals is on the rise. More than 75% of chemists are employed by the private sector and some chemists work as professors in colleges.

Application Information

Minors can only be declared by current Illinois State students. Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on

Application Period

Applications always accepted.

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Mandy Webster  Julian Hall 214  (309) 438-1522