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A total of 31 credit hours is required and obtained by the following:

  • At least 21 credit hours in 300/400 level courses (12 credit hours or more must be in courses at the 400 level)
  • At least one course in four of the six subareas (analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical education, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry)
  • At least three of the subarea courses taken at the 400 level
  • With prior approval of your research advisor and the Graduate Committee, up to six hours of coursework from outside the Department of Chemistry
  • Two credits of seminar (CHE 492 and CHE 494)
  • Four credits (minimum) of research (CHE 490)
  • Four credits (minimum) of thesis research (CHE 499)


Two seminars are required:

  • a literature seminar (typically delivered in your second or third semester)
  • a research seminar (typically delivered during your final semester)
  • Regular attendance at seminar is expected each semester


Satisfactory performance as a Teaching Assistant for at least one semester is required of all students in the program.

Thesis Research

Students are required to conduct original research that leads to a Master's thesis. This research is conducted each semester in the program, and for timely graduation must continue during the summer terms.

Thesis Proposal

A thesis proposal approved by the research advisor, thesis committee, and graduate advisor must be on file with the Graduate School prior to enrolling in Thesis Research (CHE 499). The thesis committee consists of the research advisor and at least two additional graduate faculty members. One member of the committee must be in a different subarea than the advisor.

Final Examination

After completion of all coursework and the thesis, a final oral thesis defense is administered by the thesis committee. The defense is open to all graduate faculty members.