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Aparna Idate

Instructional Assistant Professor
Science Laboratory Building - SLB 116
Office Hours
Mon. 11-1 p.m. & Tues. 12-2 p.m. or by appointment
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Current Courses

220.001Elementary Organic Chemistry

220.002Elementary Organic Chemistry

220.003Elementary Organic Chemistry

220.004Elementary Organic Chemistry

Journal Article

T. D. Lash, A. D. Lammer, A. S. Idate, D. A. Colby, and K. White, “Preparation of azulene-derived fulvenedialdehydes and their application to the synthesis of stable adj-dicarbaporphyrinoids”, Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 77, 2368-2381.

T. D. Lash, D. A. Colby, A. S. Idate and R. N. Davis, “Fulvene dialdehyde strategy for adj-dicarba-porphyrinoid synthesis: preparation of a 22-carbaazuliporphyrin”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2007, 129, 13801-13802.