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Dr. Jeremy Driskell

Professor - Analytical Chemistry
Science Laboratory Building - SLB 215
Office Hours
Mon. & Tues. 10-11 a.m. or by appointment
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Current Courses

141.004General Chemistry II

299.006Independent Honor Study In Chemistry

499.006Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

290.006Research in Chemistry

490.006Research In Chemistry

Research Interests & Areas

Research in the Driskell group focuses on the development of novel diagnostic and biological assays by interfacing chemistry, nanomaterials, and biology. Work includes both applied research to develop innovative bioanalytical tools, as well as fundamental research to investigate the mechanism of SERS, antibody-antigen binding kinetics, novel ligands, and protein-nanoparticle interactions.

Post-Doc Chemistry

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Ph D Analytical Chemistry

Iowa State University
Ames, IA

BS Chemistry

Truman State University
Kirksville, MO

Outstanding Reviewers for Analyst in 2019

Royal Society of Chemistry

Outstanding Reviewers for Analyst in 2018

Royal Society of Chemistry

2016 Emerging Investigator by Analyst


ISU Research Initiative Award to Pre-tenure Faculty


2015 Emerging Investigator by Analytical Methods


DOD-DTRA Young Investigator Award


Journal Article

Ebbah, E., Amissah, A., Kim, J., & Driskell, J. SERS-based immunoassay on a plasmonic syringe filter for improved sampling and labeling efficiency of biomarkers.. The Analyst (2023)
Ogunlusi, T., & Driskell, J. Controlled Temporal Release of Serum Albumin Immobilized on Gold Nanoparticles.. Langmuir 39.10 (2023): 3720-3728.
Riley, M., Strandquist, E., Weitzel, C., & Driskell, J. Structure and activity of native and thiolated α-chymotrypsin adsorbed onto gold nanoparticles.. Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces 220 (2022): 112867.
Frimpong, R., Jang, W., Kim, J., & Driskell, J. Rapid vertical flow immunoassay on AuNP plasmonic paper for SERS-based point of need diagnostics.. Talanta 223.Pt 2 (2021): 121739.
Okyema, S., Awotunde, O., Ogunlusi, T., Riley, M., & Driskell, J. High-Affinity Points of Interaction on Antibody Allow Synthesis of Stable and Highly Functional Antibody-Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates.. Bioconjugate chemistry 32.8 (2021): 1753-1762.


Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Biosensing with Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). North Park University. (2019)
Impact of pH on the Orientation of Antibody Adsorbed onto Gold Nanoparticles. 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition. (2019)
Integrated SERS-PSI-MS Platform Using Gold Nanoparticle-Embedded Paper for Trace Detection of Illegal Drugs. SciX. (2019)
Investigating Adsorption Dynamics of Serum Proteins onto Gold Nanoparticles. ISU Research Symposium. (2019)
Investigating Adsorption Dynamics of Serum Proteins onto Gold Nanoparticles. 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition. (2019)
Investigating Antibody-Gold Nanoparticle Adsorption Dynamics to Optimize Conjugates for Biosensing. SciX. (2019)
Optimization of Plasmonic Papers for Two-Tiered Drug Analysis on a Portable, SERS-PSI-MS Platform. ISU Research Symposium. (2019)
Optimization of Plasmonic Papers for Two-Tiered Drug Analysis on a Portable, SERS-PSI-MS Platform. Pittcon. (2019)
Sandwich structure of plasmonic paper for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition. (2019)
Towards on-site drug evidence confirmation using ambient sampling, portable mass spectrometry. 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition. (2019)

Grants & Contracts

Enzyme-Mediated Site-Specific Conjugation of Antibodies to Nanoparticles. NIH-NGMS. Federal. (2022)
RUI: Chemically Modified Enzymes to Control Adsorption on Gold Nanoparticles for Enhanced Structure/Function. NSF - MSN. Federal. (2022)
Coupling Raman Spectroscopy with Ambient Sampling, Portable Mass Spectrometry for On-site, High-Throughput Evidence Confirmation on a Single Instrument Platform. NIJ. Federal. (2018)
RUI: Charge Modified Antibody for Robust and Directional Adsorption onto Gold Nanoparticles. NSF. Federal. (2018)
Flow-through Capture Filters for Enhancing Antibody-Antigen Binding Kinetics. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Federal. (2017)